Scentsy Warmers

Scentsy Warmers are the world’s leading electric candle wax burner.  Not surprising, considering Scentsy was the company that invented them!  Our Warmers don’t BURN wax but gently heat scented wax bars to release the long-lasting fragrance.  Unlike traditional candles, they are a safe alternative to flamed candles because there is no flame.

Our wax warmers are all handcrafted (find out how we turn rocks into wax warmers here).  In addition, they are often hand painted, and hand finished to the finest craftsman detail. Scentsy makes its electric wax warmers from glass, ceramics and metal.  We ensure they are always on trend to complement the decor in any home, office or public space.

Our Wax Warmers are of the highest quality, so we are confident to back each one with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.  Best of all, your can ONLY buy Scentsy Warmers from Scentsy Consultants like ourselves, ensuring you the best personal shopping experience.

Our products are unavailable on the high street or from eBay or Amazon – if you find them there, they are being sold without Scentsy Lifetime Warranty.

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