Scentsy Plug In Warmers

Enjoy the best home fragrance in even the smallest spaces

Scentsy Mini Warmers and Tabletop Warmers are designed to bring light and fragrance to those smaller spaces. Whether in your home, office or even salon we all have points where only a Plugin Warmer will do. I love using mine in our Bathrooms, as nightlights in the Hallway and as extra ambient light in the Kitchen! Where are you putting your Mini Scentsy Plug In Warmer?

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Scentsy Mini Plug In Warmer

Scentsy Tabletop Warmer

  • Turn your Scentsy Plugin Warmer into a standard table warmer using our Scentsy tabletop base
  • Scentsy Tabletop Warmer Bases come in 2 & 3 pin plugs
  • There are different bases for glass and ceramic
  • Work on a 15 Watt Scentsy Bulb
Radiate Positivity Scentsy Tabletop Warmer

Best Selling Scentsy Plugin Warmers

Best Selling Scentsy TableTop Warmers

How To Put Together A Scentsy Plugin Wax Warmer?

This Youtube video from Alexandra Wickfree shows you how to assemble the Mini Plug-In Wax Warmer.

How To Set Up Your Scentsy Mini Warmer | Buy Scentsy UK Plug-In Warmers | Alabaster Plug In Warmer

What is a Scentsy Mini Warmer?

what is a scentsy plug in warmer

A Scentsy Mini Warmer is a plug in warmer designed for those smaller spaces in your home, like bathrooms and kitchens. Scentsy plug-in warmers fit directly and securely into the wall and come in 2-pin and 3-pin versions.

How does a Scentsy Plug-In Warmer Work?

The beautiful Scentsy Mini Warmers contain a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts Scentsy Bar wax, filling your home with one of more than 115 distinctive and long-lasting fragrances.

What type of Scentsy Bulb do I use in a Plug-In Warmer or Tabletop Base?

Our Mini Warmer and Tabletop Scentsy Warmers use a 15-watt Scentsy Bulb. Using the right size bulb in your Scentsy warmer is important so you don’t overheat it and shatter the delicate shade.

Where can I buy a replacement bulb for my Scentsy mini warmer (or Scentsy tabletop base)

You can buy the 15-watt bulb here at our affiliate Scentsy website. You can buy all our replacement Scentsy bulbs, dishes, lids, and more for your Warmers here.

How big is the Scentsy Plug In Mini Warmers?

Mini Warmers are normally 9 cm in height (nightlight size).

What type of wax do I use in a Scentsy Plug In Warmer?

Our Mini Wax Warmers use the same Scentsy wax melts as our regular-size Scentsy warmers. We have over 115 fragrances of Scentsy wax – you can see and buy them all here.

What is a Scentsy Tabletop Warmer?

The new Tabletop Warmer Base is easy to turn your mini warmer into a tabletop warmer on any flat surface. These new bases to make a mini tabletop Scentsy Warmer cost €26/£22. Make sure to pick the correct base for your warmer lid type, ceramic/metal or glass.

How many cubes of wax can I put in a Mini Warmer?

With a smaller dish for the wax, we can melt one or two cubes of Scentsy Wax Bar on the mini warmers. This is more than enough for creating the most beautiful fragrance in the smaller spaces of your home or office.

How much are Scentsy Plug-in Mini Warmers?

Our adorable mini warmers are also a super small price of £24/€29. However, with this small price, we still promise a lifetime warranty on these warmers. At this price, these make the perfect Scentsy gifts for so many special occasions.

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