Excellent 2024 Disney Collection By Scentsy

The Disney By Scentsy Collection – Limited Edition Soft Toy Buddys,

Scented Disney Wax Bars; Electric Disney Wax Warmers & more

Our 2024 Disney Collection by Scentsy has Disney fans worldwide going plain potty! 

Have you ever wondered what Mickey Mouse should smell like? Or if Ariel had a signature scent, what would it be? Now, these questions are answered thanks to the successful Scentsy Disney licensing deal.   Since 2018 Scentsy has been producing Disney wax melts in famous characters’ signature fragrances like Oh Boy Scentsy Bar for Mickey Mouse or Dark Side of the Force Star Wars Wax Bar for Star Wars fans.

Our Disney Scentsy Warmers are a massive hit in every range we release, from our first Mickey Mouse Scentsy Warmer to our record-breaking, sell-out Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Scentsy Warmers. I think the craftsmanship in each Scentsy Disney Wax Burners/ Warmers is second to know; the detailing is simply beautiful. This was particularly clear with the porcelain Jack Skellington Wax Warmers (with Zero backlight) or the enchanting Harry Potter Hogwarts Wax Burner. (Yes, Harry Potter is from Warner Bros, but Scentsy has a partnership with them too!)

Take a look at this short youtube review of our fantastic Cinderella Carriage Disney Scentsy Warmer to see how much love the Disney design team at Scentsy put into each Disney wax warmer.

Get Your Fairytale Fix with the Scentsy Cinderella Carriage Wax Warmer: Disney Collectables 2023

My daughter’s favourite Disney product is its Scentsy Disney Buddies – her first one was the Mickey Mouse Scentsy Buddy she got given at the launch of the Scentsy Disney Partnership. Since then, we have released Star Wars Scentsy Buddies, Marvel Scentsy Buddies and even Nightmare Before Christmas Scentsy Plushies.

So in 2023, who knows where this fantastic Disney/Scentsy partnership will go – after all, it’s all about making the ‘Impossible Possible’. Perhaps we will see more themed Disney Scentsy Warmers and wax bars, or the princesses will come out as Disney Buddies!

Disney also owns the rights to Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars – so let your imagination run wild and check out our current collections below! Remember to hear all the breaking news on new Disney products first. Please sign up for our Scentsy Newsletter.

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Do Any Scentsy Smell Like Disney?

Do scentsy smell like disney?

I might be biased as a Scentsy Consultant, but I am also a huge Disney fan, so YES. The SCENTSY-made Disney Wax Bars remind you of the characters and films they celebrate.

Scentsy have been excellent at bringing a Disney character to life, and now they are making fragrances for Disney resorts. Yes, that’s right, when you are in a hotel at Walt Disney Resorts, that smell is EARidescent, and it’s a unique fragrance designed for the 50th Disney Resorts Anniversary.

EARIdescent Scentsy Wax Bar is a sparkling mix of natural elements — from cedarwood and citrus to peony and apple blossom — that blends Disney themes with an added touch of wonder, evoking the excitement of a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation and capturing the magic of an enchanting place so many have loved for the past 50 years.

What Disney Characters are Available From Scentsy?

What Disney characters are available in Scentsy?

Well, we have heaps, so if you scroll up, you can see the Scentsy Disney Collection we have right now in full. Our Scentsy Disney collection started ba 2018 with the Disney Princesses, Mulan, Cinderella, Ariel and Belle products p, Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Later in the year, we added Winnie the Pooh and friends, Pluto, Goofy, Donald & Daisy Duck and new princesses inc. Rapunzel and Tiana. Then we launched our Marvel collection and the fantastic Nightmare Before Christmas collection. We broke all sales records with the launch of our Jack Skellington Pumpkin King Warmer collection.

What Do The Disney Scentsy Bars Smell Like?

What do the disney scentsy wax bars smell like?

Well, they smell exactly like you think your favourite Disney princess and characters would smell like. Scentsy works with the experts at Disney to create these signature Disney fragrances. So when you close your eyes and sniff a Disney Scentsy Bar Or Disney Scentsy Pak, you can see the characters in front of you.

See our entire Disney Collection by Scentsy and buy now (change the flag to your country first!)

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