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How to Buy Scentsy Products Online

It couldn’t be easier now to buy Scentsy products online In The UK , Ireland & Europe. Simply read on and find out how to contact us, shop online for Scentsy and more. If you have questions on how to buy Scentsy online we hope we answered them below or contact us here.

Please remember you cant buy Scentsy on the high street only from registered independent Scentsy Consultants like us. Moreover don’t buy from Ebayers or Amazon sellers. Be sure to protect yourself from their scams as they aren’t licensed to sell Scentsy. This means you will either buy defective products with no Scentsy Warranty or worse yet never get your order!

Please contact us today and lets make your Scentsy order and save you money with our Scentsy special offers

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Our Affiliate Scentsy Shopping website link:

FAQS – How To Buy Scentsy Online

Where can I buy Scentsy products online in the UK?

Click here to go direct to our new shop to buy scentsy products online.  You can browse our entire range from the 2019 Scentsy Uk Catalogue.  Please note when you click to buy a product you will be taken to our secure affiliate shopping site.

Why am i taken to your affiliate Scentsy Site to shop?

Its part of our Scentsy Consultant agreement – you see they have the best online buying security to keep your details safe.  Also our Scentsy Websites link to the warehouse to make sure we have the stock in you want.

What is your Scentsy Affiliate Site link?

Our Scentsy shopping site is

Do you get commission on the sales from this affiliate Scentsy Site?

Yes, when you buy Scentsy from us using the link above you are supporting our home business.

Which european countries can I buy Scentsy in?

We deliver Scentsy products directly to the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg and Germany.  If you live in the EEA (European Economic Authority) we can ship you the products but you will need to contact me directly for a delivery quote.

Why cant I see UK prices for Scentsy on your Scentsy Shop?

You can now, if you look below the euro prices you will see the sterling ones on each product in our Scentsy shop.  Our affiliate Scentsy shop is in euros when you click on it.  To shop for the UK make sure you change the flag to the UK.

How do I see the sterling prices for Scentsy items?

CIick to our afiliate Scentsy site here – then click the flag on the top right to UK (if you are on a mobile scroll down to the bottom of the index bar and click to shop in the UK.)

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