Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser

Sola Wood Reed Flower Diffuser, Two Styles of Reed Flower and Over 20 Fragrances

Our elegant new Scentsy Fragrance Reed Flower Diffuser releases a beautiful scent while looking lovely in any space. Just set it out and enjoy — no plug-in, no problem

Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser

What Makes Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser Special?

The reed flower is handcrafted of natural sola wood, so no two are exactly alike!
Absorbs and holds Scentsy fragrance oil for a fantastic scent lasting up to 60 days.
Simple, elegant design complements any decor
Perfect for bedsides, desks, dressing tables and other small spaces as no plug socket is required so fragrances everywhere
Includes everything you need: flower, glass jar filled with fragrance oil and a decorative cap.

How are Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser made?

How Scentsy Fragrance Flowers Are Made

How To Set Up a Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser:

How To Set Up A Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser

Buy Scentsy Fragrance Flowers here:

How To Colour Your Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser

DIY Scentsy Fragrance Flower Decor: Easy and Fun Ideas 2023

Frequently Asked Questions about Scentsy Fragrance Flowers

How long does a Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser last?

Scentsy Fragrance Flowers last for 60 days.

Can you buy Scentsy Fragrance Flower Reed Diffuser Refills?

No, we don’t sell refills for Scentsy Flowers. It is more cost-effective to buy a new Scentsy Fragrance Flower and oil pack than just a refill. Also, our Sola Reed Diffuser Flowers won’t diffuse the oils after 60 days; they are too saturated.

How do I set up my Scentsy Fragrance Flower?

Simply undo the package and take out the following:

Sola flower
Decorative Cap
Oil bottle

Uncork the oil carefully and screw the decorative lid onto the oil bottle. Then take the solar flower, rest it in the oil, place it where you want, and leave it to fragrance your home.

Does the oil from a Fragrance Flower Diffuser ruin work surfaces?

Yes, it’s the same as any other reed diffuser oil so make sure to put your Scentsy Fragrance Flower Diffuser on a dish or mat before putting it on any surfaces.

What fragrances does the Scentsy Reed Diffuser Flower come in?

We make our fragrance flower reed diffuser in over 20 fragrances. They are the same scents as our best-selling Scentsy Wax Melts. So if you are a Luna Scentsy Bar fan, you can get the Luna Scentsy Flower for those no-plug places!

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