Scentsy Go

Battery-Operated Candles – We’ve designed the ultimate home-away-from-home scent experience: Scentsy Go and Scentsy Pods.

Instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere – that’s what you will get with our versatile, portable Scentsy Go Fan Diffuser and Scentsy Go Pods. You can take it with you wherever you go – in the car, hotels and motels, camping and glamping etc.

What is the difference in the two Scentsy Gos 2024

There are two types of Scentsy Go Fan Diffusers. Learn all about their features & benefits below:

Original Scentsy Go

Original Scentsy Go

Instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere. Enliven small spaces on the go with our portable, compact, cordless fragrance system.

  • Battery life up to 18 hours*
  • Two fan modes (standard for continuous fragrance and Eco mode for on-and-off bursts of fragrance)
  • Features a 7-colour LED light display
  • Includes your choice of rose gold or silver decorative band
  • Sits at 5.5” tall
  • Use with up to two Scentsy Pods.

*Approximate battery life, tested in Eco mode with light effects on.

Scentsy Go Solid

When all you need are the essentials, our understated version of the original Scentsy Go delivers everything you need for fragrance on the go: excellent fragrance output in a simple design!

  • Battery life up to 10 hours*
  • One fan mode for continuous fragrance
  • Sits at 5.5” tall
  • Solid white with a white band
  • Use with up to two Scentsy Pods.

*Approximate battery life.

Scentsy Go Solid

What is a Scentsy Pod?

Coastal Sunset Scentsy Pods styled

Scentsy Pods are a clever product filled with no-spill fragrance beads that scent a whole room or car when used in a Scentsy Go/ Scentsy Air Purifier

Each Scentsy Pod provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our Go system.

Scentsy Pods come in a pack with two pods of the same scent.

There are over 30 Fragrances of Scentsy Pods available

Click here to see all the fragrances of Scentsy Pods and buy them.

How do Scentsy Go and Scentsy Pods work?

Scentsy GO is Cordless

Decide which Go you will use – Your Go Solid or our Traditional Go. Charge the internal lithium battery with the USB cord — then go anywhere!

Twist open the cover. Drop in 1 or 2 Scentsy Pods; 2 Pods increase fragrance strength for larger spaces. Close the cover. Turn on your Scentsy Go.

Scentsy GO is simple to use
Fragrance in a Scentsy pods is scentsy pods

The familiar scent of home, wherever you roam. All Go systems are compact and lightweight and fit easily into backpacks, purses and bags.

Buy Scentsy Pods Here

How much is a Scentsy Go?

There are two types of rechargeable fragrance products available from us:

Scentsy Go Solid is €51/£42

Scentsy Go Rechargeable is €73/£61

Where can I buy Scentsy Go & Scentsy Pods?

All our Go fragrance products can be bought from our affiliate Scentsy shopping site.

How long does a Scentsy Go last?

These products are rechargeable, so they keep working if you plug them into your USB port whilst out in the car or on the go. However, if you are going for the unplugged experience, here is how long your Go will last:

  • The Go Solid´s battery is said to last 10 hours
  • The Rose & Silver Gos last 18 hours on full use or on the eco mode it lasts upto 40 hours

Does Scentsy make a battery-operated warmer?

No, They don’t make any battery-operated warmers or have plans to. Instead, we have released not only the Go and Pods range but many other on-the-go fragrance products, including:

What other fan diffuser products does Scentsy sell?

Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser

If you love using our Go and Pods, why not get them in your home with our Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers? Our Wall Fan Diffuser plugs into any outlet and features a cute, sturdy shell perfect for high-traffic areas like mudrooms, entryways, bathrooms and more!

Just add your favourite Scentsy Pod fragrance, and you’re set.

Scentsy Wall Fan Diffusers
Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser

NEW Scentsy Mini Fan Diffuser

Perfect for the office, your car or anywhere there’s a USB port handy, the Mini Fan Diffuser is home- and travel-friendly and so easy to use: Pop in your favourite Scentsy Pod, plug the unit into a USB port and enjoy the immediate fragrance that fits nearly any space.

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