Scentsy Go Pods

Our New Scentsy Go Pods and Scentsy Go Fragrance System are designed to give you instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere.  Why? because we know home is anywhere your favourite Scentsy fragrance is!  You can now enjoy fragrance on the GO with our Pods in over 15 fragrances.

What Are Scentsy Pods?

These are little, no spill baskets of fragrance beads (like those in Scentsy Paks).  They come in over 15 amazing Scentsy Fragrances. Each pack includes two Pods of the same scent.

How Long Does A Go Pod Last?

Each Pod can provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our Scentsy Go system. So two pods can do 240 hours if in a confined space.

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