SPIN BLACK Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser


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SPIN BLACK Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser

Scent to nearly any space in seconds!


Our SPIN BLACK Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser plugs into any socket and features a cute, sturdy shell perfect for high-traffic areas like enclosed porches and hallways — with or without illumination! Just add your favourite Scentsy Pod fragrance, and you’re set.


SPIN BLACK Scentsy Wall Fan Diffuser IS 12CM tall.


Explore Scentsy Pods


    • Filled with no-spill fragrance beads, air flows through the Scentsy Pods and into the environment for immediate fragrance.
    • Available in more than 30 popular Scentsy fragrances. Each Scentsy Pod provides up to 120 hours of fragrance.
    • Control your fragrance strength by using one or two Scentsy Pods. Also for use with our fan diffuser systems.
    • Buy them in packs of 2 pods!!


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Scentsy Club is a subscription programme that lets you schedule recurring shipments of your favourite Scentsy consumables (aka the stuff that runs out) to be delivered directly to you! Scentsy Club also offers exclusive perks available only to subscribers.


Join Scentsy Club and receive the following perks –


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