Scentsy Car Bars

Our Scentsy Car Bars and Clips are the best car air fresheners and car deodorizers because they work! The unique rubber compound used to make our bars holds in the fragrance without drying out in the sun.  This means it delivers the fragrance over a longer time for up to 30 days. Hang it from the rearview mirror or the coat hangers and breathe in a new adventure.

What is a Scentsy Car Bar?

A Scentsy Car Bar is a Car Air Freshener. Designed to mimic the Scentsy Bar’s classic curve design, Scentsy Car bars bring your favourite Scentsy smells out on the road with you.  They look oh-so-cute dangling from the rearview mirror, plus the ribbon is embellished with the fragrance name. Our Scentsy Car Bar delivers fragrance for up to 30 days.

What is a Scentsy Car Bar Clip?

A Scentsy Car Bar Clip is a car air freshener that clips to your air vents so the air can distribute the fragrance, while its compact size keeps a low profile. These Scentsy Car Bar Clips are sold in packs of two.

Are Scentsy Car Bars Safe To Eat?

No Scentsy Car Bars are not safe to eat – however if a little person did munch on one, they wouldn’t cause harm.  Everything Scentsy sells goes through rigorous testing to ensure it’s not poisonous.

Where should I put my Scentsy Car Bar for the best fragrance?

You should put your Scentsy Car Bar hanging in your car, van or caravan is a start.  All Scentsy Car Air Fresheners contain lots of oils that will melt plastic if left in contact with it.  So use the cute strap thingy to hang it up in your car.  Scentsy does make this clear on the packaging as well.

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