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Scentsy Consultant Training – Become the Best You!

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Jim Rohn, noted businessman and speaker, said “You need to work hard on yourself than you do on your business”.  And do you know why that is? well its a proven fact that the more you train in your industry and products and self develop the more you will earn.  Basically you cant out earn your growth.  For those of you who love to self develop or even if you are totally new to it here are a few links that you might enjoy:

  • Emerald Team Leader and Business Mentor Scott Wickfree share his own brand of honest chat to help you live a fuller, wiser and richer life right here: https://www.facebook.com/scottwickfree/
  • Want to build a business like the Wickfree’s have with Scentsy? then find out what their latest self development gurus’ are teaching them right here: https://youtu.be/6K2Pk2FrTOY
  • On the Wickfree Family You Tube Channel you can find heaps of ideas, motivation and tips to help make your direct sales or small business a huge success.  So join Alexandra and Scott Wickfree here: https://www.youtube.com/wickfreecandles1

For Scentsy Team Emerald All Stars Consultants there is MORE below – The training guides, you tube videos and work documents in our closed training page will help you to grow yourself and your Scentsy business from the very first days of your new enterprise.  Click the link for the page you want (as the team grows so will the training pages we offer) so right now we are offering a comprehensive training page for newbies.

If there are topics you want to learn more about check the resources tab and the training centre in your workstation or ask on the team page for ideas.  If you want to share some great training with the team please message us details here – it can be something you have prepared yourself or some great training or inspiration you have found online.

Our training pages are password protected so message alexandra@wickfreecandles.co.uk for a training login or get it from the pinned post on your team facebook page.