Buy Scentsy in Ireland

How To Buy Scentsy In Ireland

Its really easy to buy Scentsy products in ireland you just go direct to our affiliate webstore at  You choose what you want to buy and then pay on our secure site. Scentsy rules do not permit Scentsy Ireland Consultants to sell products direct from their own websites. However you can also view our Scentsy Products here, find a product you like click buy now and go to the scentsy site.

What Scentsy Products Are On Sale In Ireland?

At Scentsy Ireland we sell a huge range of flameless candle bars – called Scentsy Bars and our Scentsy wax warmers.  We also sell ultrasonic diffusers, essential oils, disney products and heaps of amazing gifts. There is a lifetime warranty on all our warmers and diffusers, plus many other products. This means you can shop with great piece of mind.  

Whats In The Latest Scentsy Ireland Catalogue?

Browse our current Scentsy Ireland catalogue here.

Perfect Scentsy - €44 Warmer

Can I Sell Scentsy In Ireland?

Yes you can! Scott and I started out as the first consultants in Scentsy Ireland so we would be delighted to help you start your Irish home based business. As a result of our nine years selling Scentsy in ireland we know the market very well. Therefore we have been able to tailor specific business training for this country.  You can become a Scentsy Ireland Consultant by clicking this link. Want to know more about exactly who Scott and Alexandra Wickfree are – click here.

Can I Get More Information on Starting a Scentsy Business In Ireland?

Currently there are only 100 Scentsy consultants for the whole of Ireland. In other words that’s one consultant for 44,000 Irish Scentsy Customers. Therefore we cant keep up with customer demand so why not join us and start your own Scentsy home candle business.  

Here are just a few reason why you should start a Scentsy Ireland Business:

  • Make new friends from around the globe
  • Gain confidence, learn new skills and feel more than just a parent
  • Earn extra income, free products and trips, recognition and awards
  • Flexibility – work when you can, where you can – even from your smartphone!

When Did Scentsy Ireland Launch?

Scentsy Ireland launched for customers to buy of join the home business opportunity 3 October 2011. Moreover we personally joined up 14 of the first Irish Scentsy Consultants into our team. As a result of our strong business in Ireland we named our Scentsy Team The Emerald All Stars. Because of our strong Irish Scentsy Business we love travelling back there for meet ups and training.