Love candles, smells and yummy gifts?

Want to have more time with your family?

Need an extra income stream for paying the bills or that holiday, new car or house renovations you have planned? 

Whatever your reason starting a home business with Scentsy is a great way to achieve all these and so much more!

Sign up below and get our short, easy to read FREE info pack on how to become a Scentsy consultant.  Working from home with Scentsy can be the gateway to flexible and fun working that fit around the family and current lifestyle.  With us you will make new friends, extra money and find new found confidence and skills.  You are fully supported every step of the way with world class training from Scentsy Shining Star Finalists, Alexandra and Scott Wickfree, who have 10 years experience in direct sales with Scentsy.

Hear in Alexandra´s own words, alongside her Scentsy Colleagues, why she loves her Scentsy business:

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Where Can I Join Scentsy?

We are currently hiring and training new Scentsy consultants in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, the USA and Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

If you live in another country not mentioned and want to find out when the Scentsy business will open there please email us.  Scentsy has exciting global expansion plans and your country could be the next one we open for business.