Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Wax Collection


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Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Wax Collection

Four fragrances — one for each Hogwarts house — all packaged in a steam trunk-inspired box featuring a red “wax seal” that you get to break upon opening. Includes one each of the following fragrances: Gryffindor™: Bravery and Determination, Slytherin™: Cunning and Ambition, Hufflepuff™: Just and Loyal, and Ravenclaw™: Wit and Wisdom.

Gryffindor Scentsy Wax Bar: Bravery and Determination: Race through daring smoky woods, while amber and a touch of dapper cinnamon leaf bring warmth to your journey.

Slytherin Scentsy Wax Bar: Cunning and Ambition: Forest woods hide dark secrets in fresh oak moss and a sweetly sinister layer of deep blackberry.

Hufflepuff Scentsy Wax Bar: Just and Loyal: The Great Hall beckons with sweet and steadfast notes of golden apple, whipped vanilla almond and cinnamon sugar.

Ravenclaw Scentsy Wax Bar: Wit and Wisdom: A clever concoction of suede and sandalwood is mellowed handsomely by a ribbon of smooth vanilla.


Enjoy melting these magical wax melts from the Hogwarts Houses Scentsy Wax Collection in our Harry Potter themed wax warmers including Hogwarts Scentsy Warmer or the Hogwarts Express Scentsy Warmer.

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