Golden Snitch Scentsy Buddy Clip


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Golden Snitch Scentsy Buddy Clip with Wizarding World Harry Potter fragrance £24/€29

Get your hands on a GOLDEN SNITCH without hopping on a brooms stick and playing Quidditch! The Golden Snitch Scentsy Buddy Clip is filled with scented beads and perfect for clipping on to backpacks.

Each Golden Snitch – Scentsy Buddy Clip is scented in our exclusive Wizarding World of Harry Potter fragrance – with its crips apple, amber, and mahogany tones…mmmm!  What a MAGICAL GIFT for any Harry Potter fan.

The Golden Snitch soft toy stands 10 cm tall.

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What is a Golden Snitch? Often called the Snitch, is the third and smallest ball used in Quidditch. It flies around the Quidditch field at high speeds. The Seeker aims to catch the Golden Snitch and win the Quidditch match.


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