Bring Back My Bar

Scentsy Bring Back My Bar is going on sale from the 27 January. Yes, all your favourite old bars, and maybe a few you thought were YUKKY, as coming back. Voting took place in November 2019, and over 1 million votes and over 20 Scentsy Bars were in the running. Scentsy Wax Bars are a safe alternative to candles, flameless, sootless and toxins. Free learn more here.

You can see all the Scentsy Bring Back My Bar that you can buy below – is yours on the list?

  • Adored Scentsy Bar
  • B-a-n-a-n-a-s Scentsy Bar
  • Black Ruby Scentsy Bar
  • Crazy Coconut Scentsy Bar
  • French Kiss Scentsy Bar
  • Go Wild Flowers Scentsy Bar
  • Love Story Scentsy Bar
  • My Dear Watson Scentsy Bar
  • My Only Sunshine Scentsy Bar
  • Pumpkin Marshmellow Scentsy Bar
  • Rio Beach Scentsy Bar
  • White Sands Scentsy Bar
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Bring Back My Bar is just one of many offers during the year that Scentsy releases, including Disney and Marvel. If you want to get all the offers please sing up for our monthly Sales Newsletter below.

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