Scentsy Go – The Battery Operated Candle

Our new Scentsy Go battery operated candle system is designed to give you instant fragrance — anytime, anywhere, on the go! At Scentsy we know that home is anywhere your favourite Scentsy fragrance is – so now it goes with you.  So we’ve designed the ultimate home-away-from-home Scentsy experience – perfect for car, hotels rooms, camping etc.  The Scentsy Go is battery operated and rechargeable so you can be truly mobile and smell awesome.  We offer two types of Go – the original and the New Scentsy Go Soild.


How Does A Scentsy Go Work?

Twist open the top of your Go. Drop in one or two Scentsy Pods and close the cover. Turn on your Go and let the little fan push the fragrance out.  For best fragrance experience in large spaces use TWO SCENTSY PODS.  The Scentsy Go battery Ooperated fragrance system can be charged up using your mobile/car charger.


What Are Scentsy Pods?

These are little, no spill baskets of fragrance beads (like those in Scentsy Paks).  They come in over 15 amazing Scentsy Fragrances. Each pack includes two Go Pods of the same scent.


How Long Does A Scentsy Go Pod Last?

Each Scentsy Pod provide up to 120 hours of fragrance when used with our  Go system. So two pods can do 240 hours if in a confined space.


What’s The Difference Between Scentsy Go & Scentsy Go Solid?

Price – The Go is €73/£61 and The Solid is €51/£42.  Go has longer battery life of 18 hours (ish in eco mode).  The Go has lights, two fan modes and seven colour light display.  The Solid doesn’t have the extra features.

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