When I write these articles its not coming from my own personal perfection or all the god given gifts I was born with.  Every blog comes from the lessons i have learnt from my own mistakes.  These blogs cover skills, ideas and actions that can be applied in your personal and business lives.

As humans we are masters of deflecting, we don’t like looking into the mirror and facing things.  We prefer to  hang around with YES people who tell us how great we are because they don’t have the kindness in their heart to tell us the truth.  We avoid those people who do tell us the truth well they are just bad people who don’t have a clue.

I totally understand there are many critics out there who will criticise you for everything and anything; they’re the people you don’t want to listen to either. You want to find someone you can trust who has your best interests at heart, who will praise you when you do good and will be absolutely honest when you slip.  I hope you will see me as one of those people – because everything i share and say comes from a place of wanting the best for others.

With my wife Alexandra I’m lucky that we have that balanced relationship and we open each others eyes up.   If you aren’t lucky enough to have that yin to your yang then I hope my blogs will help you in some way live your best life.

Alexandra and Scott Wickfree

5 Tips to Running a Successful Home Business (and 2 things you should avoid!)

While we absolutely love having our own business, and the freedom it gives us, there are times where things can get a little stressful. And we won’t lie to you – running a successful home business takes a lot of hard work! It’s also taken us a bit of trial and error to get to…