Scentsy Story of The Wickfrees

Scentsy SuperStar Directors - Alexandra and Scott Wickfree

Scott and I joined Scentsy on the day it launched in Europe, 17 April 2011. I had lost my retail fair trade business in December 2010 and we could not survive on our events business income; things were getting desperate. Then I got an email from the USA telling me about this clever, safe candle called Scentsy. After we went to the product launch in Belfast and chatted to Scentsy Fragrance Executive, Chuck Thompson, we both knew this was an ethical direct selling company with an awesome product so we joined up.

Fast-forward to 2018 and we have just returned from the Leadership Retreat Cruise to Cozumel , where we gave a talk with a team director from Australia to 1000 Scentsy Leaders. We are Europe's first SuperStar Director team and have helped over 2000 people start successful home businesses and promoted many Scentsy Directors. We are proud to be five-time European Annual Mentor Award winners and were recently Finalists for 2018 Scentsy Highest Award, the first Global Alice Kalilimoku Shining Star Ward (see our blog),  We have also won numerous sales awards and earned 12 all inclusive incentive trips for two.  

Scentsy have given us incentive trips with five-star holidays to:

  • Las Vegas (2012)
  • Mediterranean Cruise (2013)
  • Greece (2014)
  • Tenerife (2015)
  • Singapore (2016)
  • and 3 leadership retreats to Cancun/Cozumel Mexico (2014/15/16)
  • Leadership trip to New York (2017)
  • Punta Cana (2017)
  • Cruise on Symphony of the Seas around the Med (2018)
  • Mexico (2019)

we make yearly travels to the USA, Canada,  New Zealand and Australia and all over the Uk and Europe to meet and train with our team.


More important to us than the awards and rewards is the friendships we have made across all over Europe, the USA/Canada/Australia/NZ and Mexico thanks to Scentsy. We get such a kick out of seeing our team members making great sales, affording treats for their families and taking trips they could only dream of before Scentsy. 

Personally Alexandra has developed confidence and overcome depression (after a family loss) through her five year Scentsy journey, excelling in this business gave her something fun to focus on and gave her a positive focus which we are eternally grateful for.  Best of all we are earning a full time income (we quit our events business in Dec. 2012) so we can both stay home with our 2 year old. And for you that means if you join our team you get two mentors for the price of one!

We would love to help you start your Scentsy journey; we promise to support and guide you whenever you need us. We use a variety of training tools from Skype, videos, online courses, Facebook group, team meetings and even phone calls!  You will have no pressure from Scentsy or us and the role is total flexible - this will be YOUR BUSINESS YOUR WAY.