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Book your Scentsy Christmas Shopping Party Today

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Want FREE Scentsy?

If you want a whole heap of FREE (and half price) Scentsy to give as Christmas gifts or just to adorn your house with - BOOK your Scentsy Party with me today.  We are now moving
Free scentsy for party hosts into the super busy season for partys so get your date sorted today.  Partys are fun, pressure free and are like a visit to the Yankee Shop...without the narky assistant eyeing you up.  

A £400/E500 (thats an easy target for any party from September onwards) party could get you FREE:
1 premium warmer & 3 scentsy bars
1 delux warmer & 3 scentsy bars
Scentsy Buddy & scent pack
Scentsy hand cream 

That's over £125/E150 of Scentsy stuff FREE.  If you would like to find out more about being a party host and our VERY GENEROUS host gifts please contact me here. *Scentsy party hostess rewards kick in on party spends over £150/ E175.


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