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How Do I Become a Australian Scentsy Consultant

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How Do I Join Scentsy in Australia

We have been getting countless emails from excited people in Australia asking how they can join the county's newest direct selling company - Scentsy Family on 1 September.  So we thought we would write a frequently asked questions section on here for you all.  I am sure it will not answer every question you have about joining as a Grace Adele Consultant or Scentsy Fragrance Consultant so please contact me with any further questions about these two new Australian Party Plan businesses.  Or you can click here to request our FREE becoming a Scentsy Family Consultant Information Pack.

Frequently Asked Questions about Scentsy/Grace Adele Opening in Australia

Q: I’m not really a salesperson. Can I still be good at this?

A: At Scentsy, it’s all about relationships, not hard-sell tactics. If you enjoy socializing and sharing Scentsy and Grace Adele products with friends and family, you have all the qualifications you need to succeed.

In fact, the complete lack of sales pressure and the simplicity of our products are the main reasons so many Scentsy customers decide to become Consultants. They find themselves enjoying a party experience instead of having to sit through a typical sales presentation and suddenly realize, ‘Hey — I can do this’! Even brand new

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact me today so we can discuss working together. Starting 1 September 2013 you’ll be able to visit my Scentsy website and sign up online. We’ll send your Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit for just $139 (AUD) or your Grace Adele Starter kit for $289.

The Scentsy Starter kits includes tester fragrances, business supplies, and demo products including a large warmer, wax bars, buddy and much more. As your personal Sponsor I will help you get started and show you how to make the most of Scentsy’s training and support tools. 

The Grace Adele Starter kit includes bags, purse and clutches to showcase, jewellery and accessories, bag and jewellery display stands, colour swatches and business supplys. And again we have a full range of training and support materials to get you started as a Grace Adele Stylist.

Q: How much can I expect to earn?

A: The amount you can earn depends completely on how much time and energy you want to invest. Consultants make 20-30% commission on their own sales as well as additional bonuses on the sales of other Consultants they sponsor (as long as they make their sales targets). We also get loads of FREE and Half Price Scentsy products so you can sell these for extra profit.

Some of our Consultants opt to sell just enough to get their Scentsy products at a discount, while our Superstar Directors can make six-figure incomes per year.

Q: What other benefits does Scentsy offer to Consultants?

A: Every Scentsy Consultant gets a free website for three full months ($13/month after that), a free online Workstation to organize and run her or his business, free credit card processing, no inventory to manage, and free shipping on orders over $220  to infinity.

Q: What kind of support and training does Scentsy provide?

A: At Scentsy, Consultants are truly sponsored and mentored, not just recruited and there is no payment to someone for recruiting you in.  Along with support from myself and our upline Superstar Directors, you’ll get access to web-based training tools and an online forum for connecting with fellow Consultants. We’ll send you a New Consultant Start-Up Guide, promotional products, and marketing tools.

Scentsy’s fully-staffed Consultant Support Department is available every weekday from 8:00 to 16:00 (PST) to answer your questions. We also hold an annual Convention and seasonal training and networking events.

Q: Will I be obligated to meet any sales quotas?

A: Consultants are encouraged to be engaged and actively participate in their Scentsy Family business. Scentsy processes account cancellations on the 1st of every month for those accounts that have not generated sales resulting in 150 points or more in PRV in at least one calendar month in a rolling three-month period.  This is a very doable target and we will help you achieve it.

When will I be able to sign as an Australian Consultant and be able to sell and sponsor in Australia?

We will open for sales and new enrolments on 1 Sept. 2013

How do new Consultants enrol?

When we join Scentsy we choose a Sponsor to sign up under – this person should be our trainer, mentor and supporter.   We have been with Scentsy for over two years (We were Europe’s first consultants and first long –term directors) and we have built and support a successful international team.  I welcome the opportunity to work with new Australian consultants and to be your Sponsor in to this exciting new business.  Learn more about me here. On 1 Sept. 2013 you’ll be able to join my team here.

We will be mentoring and training consultants in both brands and working with Founder Consultants to lead teams across both brands – don’t worry we have a few techniques to use to make it easy to manage.

How much do Starter Kits cost for new Consultants in Australia?

The Scentsy Fragrance Starter Kit for Australia is $139 (AUD). The Grace Adele Starter Kit for Australia is $289 (AUD). They are based on the current Region 1 Starter Kits, and will include roughly the same items. These items are subject to change. See current Starter Kit contents here.

What are the product offerings for Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele in Australia?

Scentsy Fragrance and Grace Adele will launch with a narrowed product offering in Australia.

What are the Host Reward levels in Australia?

Guest Sales-Australia**





Free Product





Half-Price Items





**Host Rewards are GST inclusive

Where will products ship from?

We will ship products to Australian Consultants and customers from within Australia. Our policy to ship all orders within 10 business days of the order date will extend to these new countries.

What shipping costs will be associated with orders in Australia?

shipping charges australia

 How are items taxed in Australia?

Australia employs a Goods and Services Tax (GST) of 10 percent to most goods and services. The added tax must be included in the listed price of products. For instance, if a Scentsy Warmer is listed at $43 (AUD), that price includes tax.

How are commissions calculated in different countries that use different currencies?

Scentsy has a global Compensation Plan designed to support multiple countries. The commission calculation is: PRV x Commission Percentage x Peg Rate = Commission amount in local currency.

Current peg rates:

United States: 1

Australia: 1.3

Will there be awards and incentives for Consultants in Australia?

Yes. The Scentsy Family Consultant Guide will include specifics about each of the awards and how to achieve them.

How will new Consultants in Australia be supported?

We will have dedicated Consultant Support teams for each new country. This way we can ensure that our Consultant Support Representatives are knowledgeable about the new markets, and that our hours of operation will match normal business hours in Australia.

Will Scentsy Family Store products be available?

Some Scentsy Family Store products will be available at launch. These include catalogues; order forms; Host Rewards brochures; Buy, Host, and Join brochures; business cards; and labels. We will let you know about other items as we get closer to launch.

What other tools will be available to new Consultants?

Scentsy Consultants in Australia will have similar tools to their U.S. and Canadian counterparts. They will have a Workstation and the ability to subscribe to a Personal Website (PWS). New Consultant Starter Kits specific to Australia will be sent to new recruits in their country.

Will Scentsy Family host welcome meetings in Australia?

Yes. We are planning to host welcome meetings in Australia. We encourage anyone to attend, and will let you know when and where the events will take place.

Already know you want to be part of the Scentsy Family?

Fantastic! If you are a resident of Australia and ready to join, on 1 September 2013, you can enrol to be on my team here.



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