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Becoming a Consultant - Find Your Perfect Scentsy Trainer


When you join a direct sales company and start your own home based business it is crucial that you get the right product support and training from the start.  When signing up to a direct sales or party plan company you normally sign underneath an upline and it is their responsibility to get you trained and confident in your new business.  So that means one of the most crucial decisions you will make when starting out is who should i sign up under?  Scentsy is no different here so if you are looking to become a consultant with us here are our top tips to pick the perfect Scentsy sponsor/mentor.

  1. Choose a mentor you connect with - you are going to be working together for some time to make your home business succesful.  You will be taking training, guidance and turning to this person for support so i think its important to get along and pick someone you like.
  2. Find a sponsor who leads by example - If you want to make £500 per month from your business then find a sponsor who will show you how to make this and know that their advice is proven to work.  Dont settle for someone who will tell you its easy but has no idea or wish to show you the ways you might be capable of making your goal.  A good sponsor will run a successful business and be able to evidence this too you if you ask. 
  3. Choose a business trainer who has experience in that company - If you want to run a fast 100 meters you want to get a good sprint trainer.  Its the same with starting a direct sales business - you want a GREAT TRAINER.  Someone with a proven track record of successes in sales, recruiting and training.   Dont be afraid to ask them what experience they have to train you and is willing to share all their advice with you.
  4. Make sure your new upline is passionate about their business still - You want them to have a passion for training and supporting you - not just see you as yet another newbie to boost their ego or pay packet.  You wont get off to a positive start if your upline is negative, disillusioned or simply bored with the business or hates the products.  You are excited to be starting out on your extra income business so make sure your Scentsy trainer is excited for you and the business.

We are the first european Scentsy annual mentor award winners

Please click to find out more about joining Scentsy and starting your own home candle business.  You can also sign up for our free become a consultant information pack here as well.



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