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Business Tips - Create a Dream Board

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How to make a brilliant dream board/vision board

Making a Dream boards is a great motivational tool and a fun way to create a vision for where you want your life to go in the future.  We have a dream board that highlights the travel, free time and fun activities we want to be able to do with our family in the future when we make a success of our Scentsy direct sales business.  These boards show you visually your goals and remind you to keep focused and working hard even when you are struggling – which we all do.

Making a vision/dream board is quick and easy – simply get many images together from magazine etc.  Add to this a blank sheet of card, coloured pens, glue and scissors (oh its like being back in playschool).  Cut out your inspirational and motivating images and stock them on.  Add on to it words or goals that mean something to you and then pin up the board where you can see it daily.  Remember this is your vision and dreams for the future so put on whatever you want and don’t worry what others think. 

Make your dream board as powerful a vision of your future life as you can so it draws you forward to success.  Our You Tube Video below gives you a look at how to create a dream board and show you one we have made. 

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