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Business Tip - Never Give Up!

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What's the Secret to Success? - Dont Quit

 Never never give up seems such an obvious answer to the question what is the secret to success but its rarely if ever taught in a business seminar.  We spend a fortune on books, videos and training manuals full of great ideas and theorys but ultimatly none of them are any use if you are going to throw in the towel easily when it gets a bit tough.   The history books are full of inspiring people, overcoming huge odds and trials to achieve great things; they achieved these because they simply didn't give up.  If you really want success in your business badly enough you simply cannot give up when the going gets tough - this could be the most valuable business skill you ever learn.

dont-quit - what is the secret to success

Ok i am not saying labour away forever and a day on something that doesnt work or continually implement an unsuccesful or costly system.  If something isnt working in the business change it, find a new way and move forward - just dont QUIT.  Some of the greatest inventions of all time would still not be here if people quit.  Edison FAILED to make the light bulb over 10000 times but getting it right once brought us light AND made him millions.  People asked him why he failed so many times,'I have not failed' he said 'I have just found 10000 ways that wont work!'.  So next time you fail on something just think 'OK thats another way NOT to do it' and go out and find one way to do it and succeed....just never never give up.



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