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Scentsy in Rome - Incentive Trip

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Final Day - Scentsy Visits Rome

Well we were finally coming to the end of our wonderful incentive trip with Scentsy and were finishing in style with a trip to Rome and the Vatican City. We were very tired after partying up a storm at the 70's disco the night before but we couldnt miss out on the last trip.  We also had a day at see left to recouperate so we packed a heap of room service cookies and water for the coach journey and headed out for the 1.5 hour journey to the Eternal City.

Our first stop was the coloseumn where our guide, Roberta, explained about the ammount of killings and sacrifices that toook place there daily.  She also told us that the whole place had a roof on and the last games took place there in 500 BC.  The funniest thing she shared with us was that all the sign posts were made in the shape of large penises...why i dont know but it made the crowds laugh.  After walking to view the famous Michealanglo sculpture of Moses we headed off on the bus to the Vatican City.

Well annoyingly we missed seeing the Pope by only ten minutes which i am thinking will be the closest i ever come to a meeting in my life time ;-) I have to say i was shocked at the rubbish being sold at the Vatican (knock off handbags, cheap trinkets and popemobilia) and the number of Ice Cream sellers and hawkers.  I really felt it looked cheap and detracted from a stunning scenary so we decided to avoid the tourists and hawkers and headed off for a Pizza in a great little restuarant.  We only had a short time in Rome left so we walked the streets and then gave our tour guide a Scentsy scent sample and explained the benefits of 'Una Candela Senza Fiamma!' or a flameless candle to us.

On our last day on the ship we were at sea all day.  I found looking at the wide blue yonder very relaxing whilst Scott talked Scentsy in the jacuzzi.  After a day relaxing it was time for one last boogy in the Nightclub, a walk on deck and packing our new photo albums from Scentsy in with the mountains of clothes ready to trek home.  Our holiday was great fun and allowed us to see sights i wouldnt have seen for a long time if i was paying.  Its amazing to think this trip was simply a thank you for working my business for six months - not other company has ever rewarded me with such generosity.

I cant wait to hear where our next summer incentive trip will be too - we launch it in August.  If you want to find out more about Scentsy, its products or joining as a consultant please drop us a line on the contact us page.


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