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Scentsy in Barcelona - Incentive Trip

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Day 1 Incentive Trip - Scentsy in Spain

Well after months of excitement and anticipation we are finally off on our Scentsy Sets Sail Incentive Trip. We were looking forward to a 6 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas, but first we had a few days to explore Barcelona.  As always we made a video blog to share with you which you can view at the end of our blog.

We landed in Barcelona and had a very hot and sweaty ride on a cramped Metro to our hotel in the MontJuc area.  Once we got to the hotel it was time to venture out and feed Scott's habit - his tapas habit.  After eating our fill we had to walk it off and ventured out to the beautiful Port Vell (and enjoyed ice cream) and checked out the yachts.  Scott was picking out the one he would buy given a chance.  Our fun-packed trip then took us to the famous La Sagrada Familial, Gaudi's cathedral.  Scott had me in fits of laughter when he kept calling it Gandi's cathedral! 

After more walking and sight-seeing Scott's tummy needed filling again so we visited the famous Boqueria Market off Las Ramblas and shopped for fruit drinks. Of course Scott bought the coconut one I hated so he didnt have to share ;-(.  We couldn't be in Spain and not check out what candles and home perfume options they had.  The Spanish seem to have few options, with even fewer choices of fragranced candles - perhaps 10-12 of the most common ones.  The average price for an electric perfume machine was over E65 with the fragrances and reed diffuser etc were well over E25 making Scentsy Scented Candles and Warmers a good option for anyone loving candles in Spain.

Well our Barcelona visit was over very quickly and then it was in the taxi and off to the ship ready to Set Sail with Scentsy.  Our next installment will be up soon.


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