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Business Tip - Know your Why!

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Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson on the Importance of WHY

During our recent cruise incentive trip we were making a video for our You Tube channel when Scentsy CEO, Orville Thompson video-bombed us in France.  He kindly agreed to help us out and explain in his words the importance of knowing your WHY!. So we hope you enjoy his words of wisdom on this key goal setting tool (and if you catch his wall climbing stunt we promise you he was not injured.)

In Scentsy and other direct sales companys we often talk about knowing WHY you join, WHY you are doing this business, WHY you are sticking with it.  Your WHY can be as easy as earning a small monthly wage to pay for a bill or as big as wanting to build a log cabin in the woods.  As Orville says if you dont know your why then any road could get you to your destination BUT it might be a far longer and more ardouous road than the one you take if your know your WHY. Your WHY is your reason for making the effort to seel a product and work the business.

People's WHYs change and evolve over time, we started wanting to make a monthly income; now I want us to earn enough to move to a sunnier climate and build a home.  If you are a team leader then understanding your team members WHY will help you to support and train them.  If someone in your team is having a hard time making sales or meeting a goal then taking them back to their WHY can reignite passions and refocus minds. 

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