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How to be Organised - Get a Diary!

Wickfree Scott and I support and mentor a Scentsy team of over 420 people now so organisation is a must for us.  We are often asked what systems we use to organise ourselves, is it some fancy online calander system, do we use Pocket Palms or fany filofaxes and acres of wall charts and whiteboards?  No, we use a very cheap, easy and some might think rather old fashioned way of getting organised - we each use a Diary.  Check out our You Tube Video below for more on this awesome organisational tool!

Getting and maintaining a diary is a great way to start getting organised, even in May you can find a diary in your local stationary shop and begin.  Once you get the diary i have a few hints on how to get the most from this low tech organisation system:

  • Write in your diary daily and make it a habit to write your daily to do list in it the night before.  Organisation specialist recommend this as they say your brain can get to work on problems on your list whilst you sleep.  ALSO i have to say that everytime i get in the office with no plan of action i end up rushing on to the first thing that comes along - NOT the really pressing work that needs doing.
  • Once you have a list rank your work in order of what is the most urgent (ie you have to pay your taxes or else) or what will make you the most money.  Rank the most important job 1 and carry on till every items in the list has a ranking.  When you start work tommorow start at 1 and stay on that task UNTIL it is completly finished.  If thats the only task you do in the day that's fine - why because you were organised enough to do your biggest money maker or most urgent job FIRST. 
  • At the end of each day pull any remaining tasks forward into the next day and add in new task.  Then rank all the tasks again in order or urgnecy and importance.  This system we use is called the Ivy Lee method and you can read more about it in our blog here: http://www.wickfreecandles.net/scentsy-ireland-blog/read_65638/start-your-day-with-a-plan-time-management-tip.htm.

I hope you enjoy our little video.  If you want to enjoy more of our FREE business tip videos please subscirbe to our You Tube Channel here.



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