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Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Social media is a great and cheap tool to use for publicising your business, product or service.  We use Facebook, Twitter, You Tube and others to advertise our direct sales business, Scentsy.  Along the way we read a few online books and learnt a few things about the best ways to use social media to grow your business which we share in our You Tube video at the bottom of this blog.  As a guide we recommend you spend no longer than ONE HOUR per day on all your social media so that you can go out and do other productive things to grow your business as well.

Our three top tips for using social media to grow your business are:

  1. Life doesn't begin and end with FACEBOOK - why because your customers/ target audience might not actually be using it which means your wasting your energy and messages.  Find out which social media your customers enjoy and go to for information and to hang out and use them as well.  There are loads out there including Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, Digg it, Delicious etc. 
  2. DONT spend your life on social media, hiding behind a screen and creating a rocking on-screen persona that freezes at the mere hint of talking to a real person.  Nothing can make up for getting out there, meeting customers and learn to sell your products face to face.  The more we meet and sell to customers the more we learn about the products or services we sell from their feedback and comments and the better our sales pitch becomes.  And a great sales pitch leads to great sales! 
  3. DONT try to become an expert on every single type of social media channel out there.  Simply pick two or three that you enjoy using, understand well and know that your target audience use.  Scott loves Pinterest so he runs our account as i find the pinning concept dull BUT i love taking photos and sharing other Peoples with Instagram.  So that's two pictorial social media channels, both very different to use but both are used by our Scentsy customers. 

If you would like more business tips to help grow your home business or small business why not subscribe to our You Tube Channel here.



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