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Open Your Scentsy Business Everyday

We are often asked by Scentsy consultants and team members what can they do to get a succesful Scentsy business like ours.  The answer we give is a simple one - open your doors for business everyday!  Scentsy is a FLEXIBLE BUSINESS but it doesn't mean you can take days or weeks off from it at a time.  What would happen if Tesco didn't open for a few days; we would all go elsewhere and chances are never returned so they lose revenue, customer and close down.  Well the same happens in a direct sales business when people don't open daily and let the world know they want their custom. 

Opening for business daily may mean you spend five hours writing blogs, filming You Tube vids and mailing out orders (i have to say we don't work that many hours).  More than likely though you are working a second job, running after a family or living life so you only have a few minutes or hours n the week to open for business.  That's fine - there are loads and loads of ways to open your business up consistently with little time spent.  Our You Tube video below will give you some ideas of how you can open your Scentsy business everyday.


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