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Scentsy visits Spain, France and Italy

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Cruising round Spain, France and Italy with Scentsy

Well it's only 16 days till we go on our all expenses paid free trip - a luxuary cruise with Scentsy around the Med. I just got our tour itinerary (whilst we were eating in an Italian restaurant) so i was very very excited and stopped eating to make a vid for you all...see below ;-).  We are joined on our trip by the President and CEO's of Scentsy, Heidi and Orville Thompson, and its great to get them in their down time as they are great fun.  They have spared no expenses for this trip, treating us to loads of free trips out and staterooms with balcony so I am very excited to finally go cruising.

stateroom on our scentsy incentive trip

Our Scentsy incentive trip is taking us to three countrys where we now sell and ship Scentsy - Spain, France and Italy.  We are hoping that Spain, Italy and France will open later this year to allow consultants from those countrys to join Scentsy and do the business as well.  Strangely we already have customers in those countries living just half an hour or so from the ports in Barcelona, Cannes and La Spetza (Florence/Pisa)!   

Ok so here is our itinerary (goodness me i get so excited reading it and may have to repack my suitcase again later):

Day One - Board in Barcelona and sail to Cannes - we will enjoy a special welcome reception in Sphinx Lounge and dinner - followed by lots of catching up with team mates etc


Day Two - Morning to our leisure then a trip to see the 'Scenic South of France' for the afternoon, followed by dinner on the ship and then Scott and I booked into to see the Air show in the Theater as we sail to Florence, Italy


Day Three - We arrive in La Spezia and are off early morning (so room service for breakfast ;-) to see Florence and Pisa including the famous leaning tower and the Ponte Vecchio and a trip to the Uffizi Gallery to see Bottecelli's Birth of Venus. After some shopping (i meant sightseeing) in La Spezia we are back on the boat for dinner whilst we sail to Rome.

vatican city on our scentsy italy/europe incentive trip

Day Four - Early to rise again and off to see Rome, we are off to see St Peter's Basilica, St Peter's Church in Chains and Tour the Colosseum.  I am looking forward to free time in Rome and taking Scott for a gelato - they are always big enough to share.  Back on the boat we have dinner and then Scott will done his white flares and sun glasses and strut to Saturday Night Fever at the ship's theater (I will get this on Vid for you all I promise).

jacuzzi on scentsy barcelona incentive trip

Day Five - A day at sea and a day of rest (NOT).  I look forward to checking out the wave rider, rock climbing wall and jacuzzi and enjoying roaming the ship with Scott.  We have a hot date at 3pm to see our last show, Encore - An Ice Spectacular.  Afterwards we will no doubt think we are Torville and Dean and try out the ice rink, well we can now Scott doesn't play Rugby so we don't worry about him snapping a bone or two.  Finally we will have a gala dinner with Heidi and Orville and our Scentsy buddys and celebrate an amazing few days.

gaudi catherdral on scentsy spain incentive trip

Day Six - We dock at 6am and will have to be pried from our stateroom as I am sure I will be very sad my dream holiday is over.  Luckly we have a few more days in Barcelona to enjoy the sights before the trip is over.

Scott also made you a video of what he is looking forward to on his free trip!

We promise to take loads of pictures and vids for our friends and fans and share the fun ;-)  And you can keep up with our Scentsy travels and more on our social media fan pages:


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