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Work From Home in the UK - Join Scentsy

If you are looking to work from home in the UK why not join us and sell Scentsy to make money and build a home business.  Scentsy is just two-years old in the United Kingdom and we have just over 1000 consultants covering the whole country; which might sound like loads but Avon UK has in excess of 150,000 consultants so we are just getting started. At Scentsy we sell a range of safe scented candles, electric wax warmers and fragranced gifts - so if you love candles and fragrances this is a great work from home business idea.  This is my first time working with a direct-sales company and I have been so surprised at the success we have had with it, trips we have won and money we have made - there is no reason why anyone cant enjoy this too.

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Joining Scentsy is easy and costs very little, we all buy a starter kit packed full of scent testers (80), Scentsy warmer and Scentsy bars, Scentsy Buddy and handcream plus loads of catalogues, endless business supplys and a full ecommerce website (free for three months).  Everything you need to get started working from home in the UK is contained in that kit which costs just £94.   You will also get a mentor (you can sign under us and we will be your mentor if you want) when you join up who should come and help you run your first partys and get your kit costs back quickly in your first commission payment.  Payment wise we all start on 20-30% and can earn more by hitting certain sales targets or by undertaking to sponsor your own team members.

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Scentsy is a fun, flexible and child friendly business and I have to say we (I work the business with Scott) have impressed with the Scentsy team who support us.  Training is great, problems are sorted quickly and they are always on hand to give advice to help us grow our home businesses.  You can work Scentsy as an online business, sell at events or just be a party plan guru - the business is very flexible in this way.  Would you like a FREE information pack about the Scentsy work from home business UK? If so please click this link and fill in your details. 

We also have a You Tube channel full of information and fun videos about our home business and Scentsy products - click here.



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