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Scentsy Candle Bars Compared to Yankee Jar Candles

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 Why I Swapped to Scentsy Candle Bars  from Yankee Scented Jar Candles?

There are three main reasons why I have chucked out all my Yankee Jar Candles and replaced my favourite Yankee scents with similar Scentsy fragrances.  Here are my top three reasons for buying Scentsy:

  • The main reason was PRICE - decent large Yankee Jar Candles and new seasonal fragrances cost me up to E28 in Ireland and even in the Yankee Candle Store in Newry I Paid £18.  Now I pay E6.25/£5 for a bar which lasts nearly as long (scenting wise) as four large Yankee Scented Candles.  That's an incredible saving of nearly E100 buy one bar versus four Yankees!
  • The second reasons is one of health and decor - the soot off the candles has ruined a few ceilings and walls in our home and cost me time and money to redecorate.  And the toxins and vapours that come of any candle that burns, plus the evaporation of the wax into your living space is never going to be healthy.  Scentsy, however, doesn't burn to release the candle fragrances so there is no sooty mess, no toxins released near the children and my hubby can no longer claim the candles are giving him a 'bad head'. 
  • Finally I buy candles to enjoy fragrance, i have tried the all - the Jo Malones, the various artisan makers and a gazillion Yankees/Woodwicks etc and none of them have ever produced the depth of throw (amount the fragrance travels) that Scentsy has.  By warming the fragrance gently it stops the fragrance burning off in a one-off hit.  I also love the fact that i now come in and the house smells awesome because the warmers can be left on when i go out.  No more coming home and ritually lighting up half the house to relax myself in an hour when the fragrance travels around - now I open the door and the fragrances come to greet me.

So that's my reasons for converting from Yankee Scented Jar Candles to Scentsy Flameless Candles.  Would you consider converting? Have you tried Scentsy yet or are you a die-hard Yankee lover - let me know in the comments box below.





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