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Scentsy FAQs - Is it worth selling Scentsy?

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Is Scentsy a good work from home business to join?

Oh my YES, YES, YES i would have to answer to that question!

It is my two-year Scentsiversary on 17 April and wow what a great couple of years it has been.  We have turned an £94 investment in the Scentsy starter kit into a full-time business and helped over 400 other people start their own businesses with Scentsy.  Not everyone wants to make this their full-time income but the Scentsy business is flexible so you can work as much or as little as you want on it.  We have gained much-needed income, made loads of new friends and learned many new skills (internet marketing, SEO, video making, Sales etc) along the way.

Alexandra london convention

Being with Scentsy we are not just rewarded for our work with commissions, we get free and half price products which we can retail on or use ourselves/give as gifts and so on.  We also get an annual vacation incentive trip to earn just for doing our job - this year we are off on an all expenses paid cruise with Royal Caribbean.  Last year we won the first ever incentive to Las Vegas and had a ball and fulfiled my lifelong amibition to visit the City of Sin - does your current job give you a holiday to thank you for being awesome? 


If this wasn't enough there are also monthly awards and Pandoro style charms to be won just for excelling at your targets and yearly awards including the Annual Sales and Annual Mentors awards with cash prizes and shiny trophy.  We get together at conventions twice a year where we hang out with Heidi and Orville the company owners, celebrate everyone successes and have a great laugh meeting up with new and old friends. All in all being with Scentsy these past two years has let me develop my skills far more than i ever could in a 9-5 job and I have been praised and rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.  Best of all though I have loved helping other people start and build succesful businesses and get earning real incomes with Scentsy. 

annual mentor award winners 2013

Scentsy is a great work from home business and so new to the UK and Ireland that anyone joining is getting in right at the ground floor on this opportunity. It has been open for just two years in the UK/Germany and 18 months in Ireland and now it is starting to gain recognition, loads of fans and customers and really take off.  If you want a FREE information pack on joining Scentsy please click the link here and send me your details.



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