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Scented Candles - A Health Hazard

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Burning a Scented Candle is more harmful than we think!

If you asked anyone how burning a scented candle could be harmful I am guessing they would point out the risk of fire or burns from the flame and they would be right.  However, it seems that burning a candle can be hazardous to our health in more ways than just possible house fires and molten wax burns.  I was researching candle safety when I came across an article in the Daily Mail asking Could scented candles kill you?...their fumes are as toxic as cigarettes’.  Ignoring the sensationalised headline, I thought the article did highlight a few issues we might not think of when we light up...our scented jar candles, tealights and even oil burners.

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It seems that the soot produced by candles (not beeswax or SOY it has to be noted) is harmful not just to our walls and but for our lungs.  Soot particles can penetrate the deepest parts of the lung and, as such, have the potential to aggravate respiratory illnesses including asthma.  An online survey carried out by Asthma UK last December found that scented candles were items that made a quarter of respondents’ asthma symptoms worse. ‘Perfumed products can trigger asthma, so it’s important to be careful when buying scented items for people with asthma,’ says Cher Piddock, lead nurse for the charity.

It seems many of the wicks imported in cheaper candles also contain human carcinogens and chemicals known to cause asthma attacks, such as toluene and benzene. A recent test of Candles from London department stores also found that a fifth of them contained lead and cadmium, which would be ingested by breathing in the candles soot and vapours.  It seems our love of burning candles to create a relaxing bath time or to create romance at night could make things worse as we often do not have the windows open on these occasions to give enough ventilation to let the candle soot escape the room. 

The end of the article gave a bewildering array of guidelines to follow when buying your scented candles to make sure they were safe for fragrancing your home.  I scanned for a mention of the Scentsy safe candle and warmer system as an alternative, but the article was written three months after Scentsy launched in the UK so they can be excused for not knowing about it.  But two years after our launch there are millions and millions of people across Europe that have no idea there is a safe, flamefree, toxin free and soot free alternative to burning scented candles for fragrance.  HOWEVER, THERE IS....

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The Scentsy System is a safe and clean way to produce long lasting, far-reaching aromas in your home, office or spa.  We do not burn the candle so there is no soot or toxins released only fragrance...so they are 100% fine with asthmatics and many people who suffer rhino sinusitis etc.  We use a hotplate, decorative electric warmer to melt a candle bar and release scent.  The warmers are just 52-56 deg. C so the low temperature means, as well as a lack of burn risk, the bars do not emit soot or toxins.  So if you want to enjoy great fragrances in your home why not blow out those candles one last time and treat yourself to a Scentsy warmer and Candle bars...it’s the future of scented candles!

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