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Scentsy FAQ's - What Scent Oils Do Scentsy Use in their Candles?

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Does Scentsy only use Essential Oils in it's Scented Candle Bars?

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The short answer to that is NO we dont - we use:

  • Essential oils (comes from a part of the plant)
  • and Fragrance oils (manufactured synthetic fragrance)

Scentsy Fragrance team have over 4000 fragrances at their disposal, about 400 natural. The oils we use to create a bar depend on cost, availability and the environmental impact of using certain scents.  If there is a cost-effective and readily available essential oil, like lavender oil, that is not toxic when warmed (as many essential oils become toxic when heated) then we will make a bar from the pure essential oil. 


However some flowers, fruits, woods etc don't produce much essential oils so in this case the bars are a mixture or natural and synthetic fragrance.  For example stony peaches don't give off much essential oil so our new Posy Peach fragrance bar has a mix of essential and fragrance oils.  With our Simply Rose Scentsy Bar we have to use fragrance oil to enhance the candle bar because rose oil is very expensive to produce, about E5,000 per kilo of oil, so the price of our bars would soar if they were pure rose essential oil.

Some fragrances are totally manufactured like our Ozonics range, these are the sea and cotton smells, like Luna, Lotus Cove and Pima Cotton.  These fragrances have exotic names like Calone and Aldehyde C11.  Even thought they are synthetic and laboratory produced customers can rest easy that we never test on animals.  When is comes to creating musk fragrances we dont use the rare and beautiful Siberian Musk Deer, instead we recreate these smells in the laboratory, and use Amberttolide and Glaxolide to give you Ace Scentsy bar or Simply irresistable.

Synthetic oils are found in most washing fir-tree-close-uppowders, shampoos and many other fragrance products we use on a daily basis.  Syntetic oils don't create allergies and far less toxic and caustic than many natural essential oils.  Using Synthetic oils also allows Scentsy to create more consistent fragrances - so your Pima Cotton Scentsy fragrance candle will smell the same if made in May or December.  Did you know Scentsy genetically marker every fragrance so they know exactly how to recreate the smell over and over, each new batch is tested against this marker and if it isn't correct the batch is destroyed.

For more information on Scentsy and its fragrances please visit our corporate blog site.

If you would like a free sample of our fragrances please come and LIKE our facebook page and drop us a PM on there and we will sort you out ;-)



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