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How Does Scentsy Fragrance a Home Safely?

Scentsy Fragrance Candle Bars and Wax Warmers are Europe's newest and safest soot free alternative to candles.  The business began, back in the USA in 2004 with the with a simple goal of creating a flame free and therfore child safe alternative to scented jar candles and oil burners. 


hotest thing in candles

The wickless, or as we say here flameless, concept is simple - stunning, handcrafted ceramic warmers are used to melt scented wax to release long-lasting candle aromas and give ambient light.  We don't use a flame - instead an electric heating element warms the wax to just over 56 deg. C - candles burn at 1800 deg. C so there is no danger or burns or fires with the Scentsy Safe Candle System!Warming the fragrances at just 56 deg. C also means the candle wax doesn't burn or give off soot or toxins.  Astmatics and those with sinus issues or Cystic fibrosis use Scentsy without any issue.

How a Scentsy Wax Warmer & Candle Bar work to give off flameless, soot and toxin free, long-lasting fragrance...

simple system new for scentsy candles - safe alternative to flamed candles

Our warmers are specially developed to be used  across europe and are 220V models.  The wax warmers come with a euro or three pin style plug depending on which country you are ordering your warmer for. 

You can buy Scentsy candles online at our ecommerce website or book a Scentsy party to get FREE and HALF PRICE Scentsy products.  You can also join Scentsy and sell the product yourself to make extra money and enjoy FREE scentsy goodies.



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