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HOW TO....get wax out of the carpet

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How Do I Clean Candle Wax Out Of My Carpet

I thought it might help a few customers if we made a little video on how to get hardened candle wax out of carpets, just incase you happen to knock over your Yankee Scented jar candle or other brand or your Scentsy Warmer.

candle wax carpet

To remove the candle wax with no trace of a stain (ok i didnt try it on a pure white carpet with red wax but i think it still works ok) you will need:

  • An Iron
  • Brown paper or Kitchen roll

If you dont have an iron i am told that a glass bowl full of boiling water also works well!

Ok so you put the brown paper (no shiny side) down on the floor and rub your iron over it.  You will see the candle grease coming through on the paper.  Keep doing this, changing the paper around, until no more candle wax residue comes through.  As you can see from our video - this clever little tip works.

It will also remove wax from curtains and soft furnishings as well (and clothes i guess)...BUT be careful not to burn these items with the iron.  Please see the video below anyway and for more 'How To' vlogs please like this video and subscribe to our You Tube Channel.



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