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Scentsy FAQ's - How long will a Scentsy Bar Lasts?

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How long does a Scentsy Candle Bar last for?

Scentsy Scented Candle bars will last a minimum of 50 – 80 hours warming per cube, so a bar will last around three weeks of nonstop usage.  Personally, I am finding a Scentsy Fragrance bar is lasting as long as three of the large Yankee Jar Candles I used to buy – so I am saving a fortune. 

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Of course, the length of time, your fragrance last depends on a couple of things:

  • It depends on the strength of the fragrance  - so scents that are top-notes (Citrus Fruits, Green fragrances and Ozonic which are sea fragrances) are released at 52 deg c temperature so they are warmed away quicker than base note fragrances like Gourmands (food smells), Musks and Woods that evaporate at 72 deg c and over.
  • How strong you personally like your scents – if you like it STRONG then you may use three cubes or more.  Placing this much scent in the warmer will not make it last any longer!
  • If you have a carpeted house the scent is absorbed into it so it fragrance for as long as homes with wood or stone floors.  Also, do not place the warmer near curtains as again the fabric can absorb the scent molecules.  Open Windows, humidifiers, and house fans may alter the time the scents last.
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To help you get the best out of your Scentsy Warmer we recommend a few simple tips:

  • Replace wax once fragrance has faded. Remember, Scentsy wax does not evaporate.
  • Change fragrances frequently to avoid anosmia - we change ours every 3/4 days - if there is scent left in the wax save it ;-)
  • Rotating between seven or more fragrances is recommended.
  • Save wax that is still fragrant by pouring it back into the original container. Saved wax can be reused until fragrance has faded.
  • Wipe any residual wax from your warmer dish and you are ready for a fresh fragrance.
  • Pour off old wax that has begun to lose its fragrance and start fresh. Do not add a new cube to a spent fragrance.
  • Use multiple cubes to increase the intensity of a fragrance and/or permeate a larger area. Note: this will not increase the time the fragrance lasts.
  • Store wax in a cool, dry place. If you’re going to keep it for more than a year, try freezing it.
  • Create your own fragrances by combining Scentsy fragrances. 

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