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Set Sail With Our New Fragrancesr2 incentive trip logo final (3)

We have over 30 new fragrances out in this Scentsy Spring Summer Catalogue and I've smelt them all over the last few weeks.  Quite a few of them have taken me away from  rainy Ireland to warmer climates and got me thinking about our up coming Mediterranean Cruise. We will be visiting five european cities on our Royal Caribbean ship including Barcelona, Cannes and Nice, Florence, Pisa and Rome in just a few weeks so the excitement is mounting.  The trip is Scentsy's second European incentive trip and over 20 team members will be joining us on this mini break so we are super excited to have them all with us.

mojitoThe first smell to make me think of the trip was Verbena Leaf Scentsy Bar, its mint and citrus essence bringing a cool Mojito drink to mind - which i just might enjoy on deck in the sun whilst reading my Kindle.

We are boarding the boat in Barcelona and staying there for a few days first, we plan a few romantic dinners out and a walk or two on the beach.  I will have to have my suncream on as i am a redhead - smelling the coconut in Tiare Maohi Scentsy Bar reminds me of Boots Sunscreens.  I have tried them all but Boots version is affordable and wont wash off if i dare go for a paddle.

perfume heliotrope -

Our first trip off the boat will be in Cannes.  I can't say the beach front holds much excitement for me but getting off the beaten track, walking the flower lined back streets and finding a café for a lazy lunch will be on the agenda.  I imagine the smells of the flowers will include Heliotrope - Pixie Scentsy Bar includes this well know mediterranean flower.

Lime & Kiwi Cantelope Scentsy Bar conjures up a refreshing fruit salad (which of course I will be eating daily at the all you can eat buffets).  Limes grow in Italy and perhaps we will get to see a few when we drive through the villages on our way to see the ancient history in Florence, Pisa and Rome.

italian coffee

Scentsy describes Perk Me Up Scentsy Bar as simply the best cup of coffee ever made - well I am sure it would be an Italian coffee.  On my last trip to Milan we visited a big department store which had an entire section devoted to coffee makers, tiny cups and barista paraphernalia. 

On my last trip to Italy I also visited friends and enjoyed Panettone Scentsy Bar, every time I smell this bar i am taken back to that afternoon in their kitchen, speaking pigeon Italian and laughing.  I cant wait to take Scott for a slice or three of Panettone - he will love it. 

As long as i can keep my sea legs i think this will be a great trip, relaxing and full of amazing meals and fun trips.  Scentsy go all out to spoil us on their incentive trips and I am sure this will not fail to impress.  We have got a taste for these trips after our whirlwind incentive trip to Las Vegas in 2012 - you can read all about that trip here.  So prepare yourself for lots of photos and blog once we return ;-) In the mean time why not try out a few of the fragrances we recommended - you can click on them to go direct to our e-commerce website.

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