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Scentsy's New Range Of Nursery Warmers

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Scentsy Fans Will Be Delighted With Two Special New Arrivals

The Scentsy Fragrance Team has welcomed two new bundles of joys into their wax warmer family this Spring.  Pink-A-Boo and Peek-A-Blue, each weighing in at 1.2kg, are specially designed baby nursery warmers and sure to be a hit with expectant parents.  The bonny pair comes in pastel pink or blue, with a blank nameplate hung from a matching polka dot grosgrain ribbon that encircles the warmer. Parents can add the name and birth details or Christening details of their child to turn the warmer into a treasured keepsake.

Peek a boo and pink a boo scentsy warmer ideal of baby shower gifts

Alexandra, Scentsy Director at Wickfreecandles.net, is very excited about the new warmers.  She explained, “When I was expecting I spent hours planning out the nursery, my baby’s first room in our home, and thinking of all the little details to make it perfect.  I think these warmers will make a great finishing touch to any nursery and would make a lovely and unusual baby shower or Christening gift.  The fragrances can be very relaxing and the light from the warmer will make star like patterns on the nursery ceiling and walls”.

Pink a boo scentsy baby warmer great baby shower or christening giftScentsy warmers are a safe way to give fragrance in a baby’s nursery because they use an electric hotplate to warm toxin free fragrance bars.  When it comes to picking Scentsy Fragrances for the nursery, Alexandra has a few recommendations to keep your newborn happy.  “A lot of new mothers are buying French Lavender to warm in the nursery for its relaxing properties and now we have our new Simply Rose to offer them which is very calming.  We also sell lots of our baby talc smelling Newborn Nursery or our clean cotton smelling Pima Cotton.  And when baby has a cold Mums are warming our Eucalyptus and Mint based Just Breath bar to help relive little one’s stuffiness.”

Scentsy warmers and fragrance bars warm at just 52 deg C (cooler than a warm cup of tea) and release no soot, toxins or chemicals so they are safe around babies and infants.  The new nursery warmers cost E36/£30 and Scentsy bars are E6.25/£5 each.  To order your Scentsy Nursery Warmer and Fragrance bars, with free gift card, go to our secure online store at www.wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie or www.wickfreecandles.net.



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