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Violet Leaf Scent Trend - Mix and Creat New Scentsy Fragrances

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Scentsy Launches Violet Leaf ScenTrend - What Does It Smell Like and How Do I Use It?

ScenTrend is a Scentsy's fragrance of the year and by using it with other scents you can explore and develop your passion for scent.  The Fragrance Team tested, analysed, and worked with experts and international fragrance houses to name the newest trend in home fragrance — Violet Leaf.  


Why is Violet Leaf a Trend Now?

In this fast-paced world, we often yearn for simple moments that offer a sense of tranquility. Violet Leaf’s pure, natural fragrance is gentle on the senses, a subtle reminder to unplug from our increasingly digital world.

What Does Violet Leaf Smell Of?

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Violet Leaf scents differs from the flower scents (Flower possesses a sweet powdery, woody-floral scent).  Scentsy discribe the 2013 ScenTrend as Green, dewy and uplifting,  a simple, familiar, organic scent.  It's fresh, has a cut-grass feel with watery accents and just a powdery hint of violet flower.  Personally I found it he leaves give off an intensively green aroma which is resembles mowed grass combined with a hint of cucumber.

What Perfumes Contain Violet Leaf?

The aromas of violet leaf are, for example, part of the compositions of L by Gwen Stefani, Dior's Fahrenheit, Annick Goutal's La Violette and Dona Karan's Be Delicious.

Where Does Violet Leaf Come From?

If you live in the United States or Europe, chances are you’re already familiar with violets. The ancient Greeks began cultivating these lovely, blooming little plants centuries ago, and people living in the northern hemisphere have enjoyed them in gardens ever since. You can also enjoy violets in the wild, in woodlands, meadows, and hiking trails.

The heart-shaped violet leaf unfurls in the early spring, cradling the blooms of more than 400 varieties of violets. Unlike the fragrance of violet blooms, Violet Leaf is extracted from the leaves of the plant.  

How Can I Use Violet Leaf ScenTrend?

If you’re already familiar with Scentsy, you know that scent can bring back memories, enhance your mood, and enliven your world. It’s very easy to experiment with Violet Leaf — its organic, green note allows for endless fragrance variations.

Try adding a cube or two to your favorite Scentsy fragrance and discover how Violet Leaf changes it. Is it fresher? More green? More soothing?

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Can I Use Violet Leaf ScenTrend on Its Own?

Scentsy do not recommend you use any ScenTrend bar on it's own as they are single note fragrances.  It is designed to be mixed with other specific Scentsy fragrances to allow its refreshing and herbaceous notes to create new calming scents.

scentrend symbolHow Do I Use Violet Leaf ScenTrend?

When you read through our Scentsy catalogues you will see the ScenTrend symbol by certain wax bars.  This symbol indicates that these fragrances are ideal for mixing with ScenTrend.  Simply add a cube or two to your favourite Scentsy fragrance and discover how Violet Leaf changes it. Is it fresher?  More green?  More soothing?  Violet Leaf adds refreshing, herbaceous notes when mixed with suggested Scentsy Bars.

Some examples of the Scentsy bars which are designed to be used with ScenTrend are:-

1. Posy Peach
2. Route 66
3. Quiver
4. Apple Press
5. Rio Beach
6. Lotus Cove


Click here and buy your ScenTrend bar and mixer bars on our secure e-commerce website.

If you are using Scent Trend please comment below and tell us what bar you mixed it with and how you found your new scent.




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