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Blogging for Business - Using Images and Video

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 How to Use Images and Video - Blogging for Business Part Four

Welcome to part four of our blogging for business series - how are the blogs going so far?  Well from the ones that you shared with us - feel free to send us a link to yours in the comments box below.

So have you ever heard the phrase 'A picture paints a thousand words' - well it seems that social media users are buying into this as posts with images attached are 37% more likely to be read on Facebook.  It's not just Facebook that is becoming image centric though Pinterest has seen a 210% rise in page impressions in the last three months alone - so you guys; the users are also addicted to images.  One of the reasons images are so powerful is because a good image is universal in appeal, no language barriers exist as their is no need to offer an explanation of the image. Images are also very sharable so they are the lifeblood of our social media activities now - sharing images that move us, make us giggle or make us furious.


It's not just images that are gaining importance in the blogging world, Google and others are calling 2013 the year of the video.  This will be the year we will all get making our own movies and sharing them on Flicker, Tumblr or You Tube.  An image is 1000 words and a video is believed to be worth 1.5 million words per minute!! That is staggering alone but videos allow us to get personal, showcase our skills with ease and connect with our fans and customers.  Check out the video below and find out more about using images and videos to make the most of your blogs:


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