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How to get recruits for your direct sales business

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Direct Sales Co's - Use Posters to Recruit

We made the you tube video (How To Recruit Consultants/Distributors For Your Direct Sales Business) for members of our Scentsy Team. You know how kind we are so we thought we would share it with you all. I get asked often by Scentsy distributors how i have recruited so many consultants; the answers simple - I go out and look for them. 

One highly effective recruiting method we use is a poster.  It is simple, free to put up and cheap to produce.  The tear off strips allow people to contact you in thier time so you can then talk in detail about Scentsy and how they can set up thier own candle business from home.  There are many ways to find new consultants for your direct sales company - postering is just one of many avenues you can explore. 

If you are looking to for information on joining Scentsy to earn extra income online or from home please contact me here and request our FREE information pack.




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