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Blogging For Business - Five Ideas On What To Blog About

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What Can I Blog About? - Five Ideas

We hope you enjoy episode three of our Blogging for Business series.  In this You Tube Video we are going to give you five ideas of what you can blog about so your not commiting one of bloggings cardinal sins and writing about ME, ME, ME.  Underneath our video below is more infomration about each of the blog ideas I give you and a link to one of our blogs so you can see how we did it.  Happy Blogging everyone and please share a blog article below in our comments box (oh and get a link from us too) we would love to see how you are doing.


Top Tips - This could be as easy as blogging about your top three sellers, top 10 reasons to join your industry, top five reasons to try a new product or service.   Make your top tips relevent to your business but not all me, me, me . People love reading top tips because they are easy to read and they are usually short and simple.  They are also super easy to retweet and share on social media - thus gaining you more exposure and credibility.

Here is our one of our top tips Blog - http://www.wickfreecandles.net/scentsy-ireland-blog/read_56947/10-great-reasons-to-join-a-direct-selling-company.html

A Day In The Life - Remember people buy off people so lets make this blog a personal blog and tell them who you are, what you do and give them reasons to want to do business with you.  You could talk about being a stay at home mum in business and your daily routine as a idea.

I talked about Scott in my blog - http://www.wickfreecandles.net/scentsy-ireland-blog/read_55789/scentsy-man-signs-full-time-contract.html

Questions - Write a blog with a question someone could be asking right now in the search engines. How Do I?, Where Can I?, What is?, Where can i buy and so on.  Why do this? because you'll get more targeted blog traffic from the search engines as they are driven by enquiries from people and many of these will be in question form. (Just see the title of this blog for a question).  Using questions to write a blog could see the search engines pick you up first if you are match the question asked, making you the top in a search even if your market is oversubscribed normally - ie online SEO services.

Here is the link to my question blog - http://www.wickfreecandles.net/scentsy-ireland-blog/read_57644/where-can-i-buy-scentsy-in-dublin.html

Call To Action - Your call to action blog could be many things - ask people to like your facebook page, ask them to tweet your blog, to sign up to your newsletter, to comment on your blog and so on.  The important part of every blog is that you dont leave the reader wondering what to do next - ask them or tell them. Trust me it works ;-)

Write a blog about a newspaper article - you have read related to your industry. If you havent got a clue of what to write about, go online and search online newspapers about a topic related to your industry.  Make your blog controversial or an opinion piece be make it professional and if people disagree in the comments remain respectful.  Or just write a topical piece to get some of the search traffic for that tpic at a given time.  Hey and if you can stick in a cheeky self promote now and again then do it.


Our ideas came from a great little book called The 30 day Blogging Challenge by Nikki Pilkington.  You can download the book from Amazon or find out more information here - http://www.nikkipilkington.com

Here is a link to the first in our blogging series if you missed it - 



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