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Blogging for Business - Setting up a Blog

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Setting up a Blog - The Basics

Welcome to part two of our You Tube Series on Blogging for your Business.  In this episode we talk briefly about the various websites you can use to set up your blog (Wordpress/ Blogger), then we look in detail at how to make your new blog attractive and easy to use for viewers.  The look of a blog a crucial for gaining readership and improving your search engine rankings - you only have 3-5 seconds to grab a new viewers attention so we hope these tips will help.

For those of you who watched this video without a pen and paper here are our top tips again for creating your new blog.  Do you have any tips of your own to add to this list?  Please write them in below on the comments box.

  • Set up a FREE/LOW COST blog using Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace, Tumblr and many more - pick the one you find easiest to use.  If you can afford a direct domain then buy one - try to avoid using www.wordpress.com/wickfreecandles etc...go for www.wickfreecandles.net.  Direct domains are more professional and take up less space on a business card etc.
  • Have a Logo/Title/Brand - put these on your new blog in a prominent place and tell people who you are. Pay to get a professional logo/brand look - Fiver.com etc do these cheaply.
  • Add a Tagline/Info - tell people what you do in a short sentence s people know they are reading the blog they want.
  • Colour scheme - fit your colour scheme to your brand to build awareness and let readers know they are on the right blog (we use white and purple scentsy colours/ Coca Cola use red/white etc) DONT use red/green too much as you rule out colour blind readers.  Dont use yellow text at all as it is hard to read and don't use dark colours as a background for any blog site - they take extra time to read even if they look sexy ;-)
  • Don't use lots of typefaces (fonts) in a single page. It is visually confusing and your page looks cluttered.Use one or two typefaces throughout your website. E.g., Use Helvetica Bold for headings and Arial Regular for body text. And use the h1/h2 titles to guide the page layout from title, subtitle etc so googlebots can easily crawl your page and categories important keywords/phrases.
  • Simple Blog Navigation - readers should be able to find your best stories/posts on te front page and only take one or two clicks into the site to find other relevant information. Also file your blog by the month and year to keep the site uncluttered and categories blogs by subjects so readers can search under areas of interest for all relevant blogs.
  • Keep the blog free of clutter and unrelated advertising - use sidebars for extra information/contact details etc to keep your blog looking professional.  And if you must have adverts on a site then keep it relevant to your business/message and down one sidebar only.  Random advertising all over a page will turn off readers in a flash. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime at [email protected]



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