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Scentsy Warmers in the Home - You Tube Video

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See all the Scentsy Warmers in our Home

Scentsy Director Alexandra takes you on a tour of all the Scentsy Warmers she has in her home.Like every Scentsy fan we started with one warmer, Boho Chic in our case, and then keep on adding a new warmer for each room.  We had candles in many rooms in the house, so with Scentsy being safe and flamefree it is great to have warmers on in every room and enjoy a house full of yummy scent.  Scentsy is 100% the best fragranced candles I have ever tried - yes thats a man talking now - and i even have my own favourite warmers too.

Scentsy Candles Products are a safe alternative to scented candles! Our Warmers melt and warm the wax releasing the fragrance into the air which means -- NO BURNING. This makes your home safer for you, your family and pets. With Scentsy you say goodbye to soot for good and never have to worry about flames causing a house fire.

With over 40 candle wax Warmers (Full and Mid Size), and 80 different scents to buy, we have something for everyone. You can purchase all our scentsy products online at oue secure ecommerce website - www.wick-freecandles.scentsy.ie.  We deliver directly to Ireland, UK, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Spain, France and Italy.  We can send gifts to other countrys worldwide but you need to contact us directly for a shipping quote. 



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