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Scentsy Buddys Fly in for Dublin Visit

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Scentsy Friends Visits Ireland

Scentsy gives you the opportunity to build a great business if you choose to, it also give you the chance to earn extra income to pay a few bills or a holiday, but most importantly whatever your goals are its brings friendships from all over the world.

Scott and Gil in Las Vegas

As you have probably seen in a previous blog (Blog About Meeting Gil) Scott and I have made great friends with our Scentsy Maine USA Superstar Directors, Sarah and Gil, and we got to meet up with them at the Las Vegas Scentsy Convention 2012. This time it was our turn to host a member of our Scentsy Family who has a great work from home business in the UK with Scentsy.

Christine (Our guest) is not a member of our team and we are not even in the same group, but we have still formed a fantastic lifelong friend and without Scentsy this friendship wouldnt of happened.  It was Christine's first visit to Ireland so we wanted her to see some of the most beautiful countryside and coastal areas Ireland has to offer before we headed to Dublin for Scentsy Ireland World Tour.

Christine and Alexandra in Carlingford

We took Christine to Carlingford, a beautiful coastal village, in Co Louth. Christine loves taking photographs and took some very beautiful pictures of the medieval castle on the water front. We then took her for some dinner in Dundalk before heading home along the coastal route. We then enjoyed a relaxing evening by the fire socializing and watching television.

Christine and Alexandra in Dublin

The next day we took Christine into Dublin to see the sights, listen to Irish music and eat some traditional fare, we then went to the hotel in the evening to prepare for the Scentsy Dublin World Tour and collect Baileys Cheesecake (But thats a whole different blog).

We are very blessed that Scentsy has bought great friendships into our lives and this was brought home by our visit from Christine and then by seeing all our team in Dublin for the convention. If you are interested in joining our Scentsy team please follow this link ' Send me a FREE Information Pack ' and don't forget to follow us on all our social networking sites.


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