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Why is Blogging Important for your Business?

In just the last week we have had web orders from Italy, USA, Spain and Ireland for Scentsy products.  We have also had people contact us from across Europe to ask how they can join our team and we are now ranking on the first page with Google for many keyword searches.  I know that our blog which we started a year ago has played an enormous part in our increased web presence which is positively effecting our bottom line.  Our team of Scentsy consultants are now taking notice when we say 'Write a blog to grow your business' and want to know how to do build a blog, so we thought why not make this a You Tube series and share it with you all.

Our first episode is just looking at four reasons why I think every business should have a blog.  I cover how a blog can help boost your google rankings through content, keyword and link generation and we look at the promotional benefits for businesses as well. In future episode we will look at how to set up a free/cheap blog,  and cover five great things to blog about, pictures and Vlogs, blogging do's and dont's, guest blogging, and getting your SEO right on your blog.  We are not experts on blogging but we want to share our year of learning with our team and you so if you have any questions please type them below.  This is a link to our blog (http://www.wickfreecandles.net/scentsy-ireland-blog) I hope you can see our progression - its a start but we have a way to go to blogging perfection ;-) xx.


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