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Home Decor Ideas from Scentsy - Which Warmers for a White Room

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Home Decor Ideas with Scentsy Warmers – White Rooms

If you don’t have to worry about sticky fingers, pets and dirt then you just might be lucky enough to have a room or two in your home decorated in white. I find these rooms to be airy, and spacious with a real feeling of opulence (you can afford any cleaning bills) and of being a haven of peace and tranquillity. In our very short video below, we highlight some of our favourite white rooms, with designs from ultra modern to new classical, with our suggestions of suitable Scentsy Wax Warmers to complement each space.  Best thing is, for those of you with white decor and furnishings is the warmers are soot free – so that’s once less stain to worry about ;-)

Interior design has always been a love of mine so i had great fun making this little video-advertorial. I remember when i first got my own house in Crewe, Cheshire i did all the home design myself and treated myself to a WHITE carpet. Well it looked incredible when laid and accessorised with silver bedroom furniture. The white carpet lasted for what only seemed moments – it could have been whole days before my daughter rubbed lipstick into it, my son spilt coffee on it and the cat finished it off by killing a mouse on it. Despite my white carpet nightmare I still love white decor so i was thrilled that Scentsy make so many white warmer.

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