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Scentsy Blog a Year in Review

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Scentsy Blog - Oh what a year...

Well it's been a year since we started our website blog so i thought i would take a look back over the year and post you up some of my favourite blogs in this mini review. 

excited or what

We thought we would begin our wickfreecandles.net blog back in January 2012 with a humorous look at what we would ask for NOW if we went for a job interview having been in a work from home business.  Writing with frequency was not something i was doing at the start as there were no more entry's in the Scentsy Blog until April 2012 when i reflected back on my first full year selling Scentsy. We had enjoyed a whirlwind year with excellent growth so it was no surprise to us to hear that Scentsy sales in Ireland were heading for the top worldwide spot back in May 2012.  It's amazing and fun to read back about that first whirlwind year - but i certainly didnt enjoy the painful reminders in my lack of wisdom blog later that month!


Anyone who regularly reads our blogs or sees our facebook page will know that Scentsy flameless candles and warmers are great gifts for anytime of year and anyone including our heroes - our dads!  Talking of heroes (he will like this)In June 2012 Scott, my partner in life and business decided to hang up his rugby boots and join our burgeoning Scentsy business.  He gives his unique take on life as a work from home Scentsy dad in this blog - i love the cute pictures of him and our daughter in it.  He wrote a very special blog back in August 2012 as he celebrated one year of our engagement - he is a soppy guy really ;-)

Emerald All Stars

We became directors with Scentsy just six months after joining with a team of just 24 consultants and we got to name our new team.  We choose the Emerald All Stars as our name and in June 2012 we hit 100 Scentsy team members which was a very special day.  We have become friends with many of our team and had some great laughs together at conventions, training, events and partys - we made a video blog of these highlights to celebrate our first team birthday in October 2012.  We have lots of Filipino team members which has allowed us to learn about their culture, food and love of karaoke - seeing Scott dive in at their Christmas party was great fun.

elvis and scott

One of the great things about being a Scentsy consultant has been the amount of travelling we have done - both abroad and round our adopted home of Ireland.  Other places we visited with Scentsy included - Leeds for Scentsy convention (these images are in a you tube vid we made), We also won Scentsy first ever european incentive trip to Las Vegas for two - going there was a dream come true, as was seeing the Cirque du Solie whilst we were there.  We also went to Birmingham, Liverpool, Milan, Barcelona and Rome to sell after Scentsy decided to launch into five more european countries in 2012.  This means we will have to get over to France, Luxembourg, Germany and Austria in 2013 - we will already be travelling to Spain and Italy again in May 2013 as we earned Scentsy second incentive trip - a cruise to the Med.

Alexandra london convention

Scentsy is not all about partys, recruiting consultants and making cash - one of Scentsy abiding mottos is to 'Give more than you take' and one of the way we do this is with Scentsy Fundraisers - would you like one?   We also get asked alot for our sales and recruiting tips so we decided to share tips.  We are not proficient blog writers so we are always looking out for guest bloggers if you have some thing fun and exciting to share with us.  If your are thinking of starting your own business we hope our blog was informative and entertaining and if you're a fan of Scentsy please keep tuning into to our blog as 2013 promises to be exciting with many surprise announcements and new products.




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